Twintec Multi-Tube Connectors

Twintec Multi-Tube Connectors

Twintec manufactures precision made multi-tube connectors for quick connect and disconnects of pneumatic and air hose applications. Twintec multi-tube connectors enable quick changeover of panel mount and in-line connections resulting in efficient and reliable one-touch installation and removal of nylon and polyurethane tubing. One touch installation and removal of the multi-tube manifold is an essential ingredient of the lean manufacturing process.


All tubes in the Twintec multi-tube quick connectors are contained in one bundle. Multi-tube installation and removal is easy even in hard to see environments. Twintec quick connect multi-tube connectors are easy to use, prevent connection mistakes and reduce installation time.


Twintec multi-tube quick connectors are designed for rugged environments. Unlike plastic alternatives, all Twintec multi-tube quick connectors are manufactured with solid aluminum construction suitable for many industrial applications while maintaining cabinet integrity. Twintec manufactures the BC Series with integral push-to-connect fittings and the BH Series with threaded ports.

Bottom Line

Twintec quick connect multi-tube connectors are designed to reduce installation costs and prevent tubing misalignment during the conversion process. The Twintec product line has a broad variety of product options and capacity to fit your particular needs. Please contact us directly to learn how Twintec quick connect multi-tube manifolds can work for you. Streamlining and lowering your manufacturing costs is just a "click" away.