Jacket Adaptors

Our jacket adaptor accessory protects and contains your tubing bundle along with the fitting interface of the connector. For best results, select the adaptor one size up from the minimum size.

The jacket adaptor works with spiral wrap, braided wrap, tubing, and vacuum hose. See the How to Use page for assembly instructions.

Twintec multi-tube connectors

Jacket Adaptors

Jacket Adaptor
Body Style Jacket Hose
Part No.
1BH 0.05” 1JA-05
1BH 0.75” 1JA-07
1BH 0.875” 1JA-08
1.2BC 0.5” 1.2JA-05
1.2BC 0.5” NPTF 1.2JA-05NPTF
1.2BC 0.75” 1.2JA-07
1.2BC 0.875” 1.2JA-08
2BC & 2BH 0.75” 2JA-07
2BC & 2BH 0.875” 2JA-08
2BC & 2BH 1” 2JA-10-B
2BC & 2BH 1.25” 2JA-12-B
2BC & 2BH 1.5” 2JA-15-B
2.5BC & 2.5BH 0.75” 2.5JA-07
2.5BC & 2.5BH 1” 2.5JA-10
2.5BC & 2.5BH 1.25” 2.5JA-12
2.5BC & 2.5BH 1.5” 2.5JA-15
2.5BC & 2.5BH 1.75” 2.5JA-17
3BC & 3BH 1.25” 3JA-12
3BC & 3BH 1.5” 3JA-15
3BC & 3BH 1.75” 3JA-17
3BC & 3BH 2” 3JA-20

Dust Covers

Dust covers are available for all of our connectors.

Dust Cover
Body Style Plug Cover Socket Cover Material
1BH 1-DCP 1-DCS Acetal
1.2BC 1.2-DCP 1.2-DCS Acetal
2BC & 2BH 2-DCP 2-DCS Acetal
2BC & 2BH 2ADC-P 2ADC-S Aluminum
2.5BC & 2.5BH 2.5-DCP 2.5-DCS Acetal
3BC & 3BH 3-DCP 3-DCS Acetal
3BC & 3BH 3ADC-P 3ADC-S Aluminum

Blanking Plugs and Sockets

Twintec connectors have blanking plugs and sockets for isolating every line. Most items are in stock. To order, add a "B" to the end of a part number for either a plug or socket. Example: a blanking plug for a 2BC-8P will be 2BC-8PB.