Threaded Port Series

Threaded Ports

Threaded Port connectors are best suited for situations where there are variable tubing sizes and the quantity, type of tubing and need for special fittings are not yet determined. Threaded port connectors are ideal for prototypes.

Body Styles

Threaded Port connectors come in four body styles, 1 inch series with up to 7 ports, 2 inch series with up to 19 ports, 2.5 series with up to 22 ports, and 3 inch series with up to 19 ports. Available ports include 10-32,1/8"NPT, 1/4"NPT, and 3/8"NPT. M5 is available as an option for most of our 10-32 port connectors.

Twintec multi-tube connectors Product Specifications

Click on the above thumbnails for a list of assemblies in the selected body style.

Selection Chart

This chart can help you select the connector closest to your requirements, enter your selections in the fields below. The star denotes back shells available for the corresponding series connectors.

Table Legend

Assembly Plug
10-32 NPT 4 1BH-04 1BH-04P 1BH-04S 1-DCP 1-DCS 1JA .40
7 1BH-07 1BH-07P 1BH-07S 1-DCP 1-DCS 1JA .30
8 2BH-8 2BH-8P 2BH-8S 2-DCP 2-DCS 2JA .41
12 2BH-12 2BH-12P 2BH-12S 2-DCP 2-DCS 2JA .40
16 2BH-16 2BH-16P 2BH-16S 2-DCP 2-DCS 2JA .33
19 2BH-19 2BH-19P 2BH-19S 2-DCP 2-DCS 2JA .30
22 2.5BH-22 2.5BH-22P 2.5BH-22S 2.5-DCP 2.5-DCS 2.5JA
one eighth NPT 4 2BH-4-12 2BH-4P-12 2BH-4S-12 2-DCP 2-DCS 2JA .56
6 2.5BH-6 2.5BH-6P 2.5BH-6S 2.5-DCP 2.5-DCS 2.5JA .72
7 3BH-7-12 3BH-7P-12 3BH-7S-12 3-DCP 3-DCS 3JA
9 2.5BH-9 2.5BH-9P 2.5BH-9S 2.5-DCP 2.5-DCS 2.5JA .56
12 3BH-12 3BH-12P 35BH-12S 3-DCP 3-DCS 3JA .67
19 3BH-19 3BH-19P 3BH-19S 3-DCP 3-DCS 3JA .53
one quarter NPT 5 2.5BH-5-25 2.5BH-5P-25 2.5BH-5S-25 2.5-DCP 2.5-DCS 2.5JA .79
6 2.5BH-6-25 2.5BH-6P-25 2.5BH-6S-25 2.5-DCP 2.5-DCS 2.5JA
7 3BH-7-25 3BH-7P-25 3BH-7S-25 3-DCP 3-DCS 3JA .79
8 3BH-8-25 3BH-8P-25 3BH-8S-25 3-DCP 3-DCS 3JA .82
three eighths NPT 4 2.5BH-4-38 2.5BH-4P-38 2.5BH-4S-38 2.5-DCP 2.5-DCS 2.5JA
7 3BH-7-38 3BH-7P-38 3BH-7S-38 3-DCP 3-DCS 3JA .79
5M 4 1BH-4-M5 1BH-4P-M5 1BH-4S-M5 1-DCP 1-DCS 1JA
7 1BH-07-M5 1BH-07P-M5 1BH-07S-M5 1-DCP 1-DCS 1JA
8 2BH-8-M5 2BH-8P-M5 2BH-8S-M5 2-DCP 2-DCS 2JA
12 2BH-12-M5 2BH-12P-M5 2BH-12S-M5 2-DCP 2-DCS 2JA
16 2BH-16-M5 2BH-16P-M5 2BH-16S-M5 2-DCP 2-DCS 2JA
19 2BH-19-M5 2BH-19P-M5 2BH-19S-M5 2-DCP 2-DCS 2JA
22 2.5BH-22-M5 2.5BH-22P-M5 2.5BH-22S-M5 2.5-DCP 2.5-DCS 2.5JA
Jacket adaptor (back shell)